Best Games to Play with Friends on Phone, Full of Challenges

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There are several best games to play with friends on phone Android. These games are already popular and many are the main references for gamers who want to play together.

In PlayStore itself, there are many game applications available. One of them is 2 player games that allow playing with friends, family, or relatives.

Best Games to Play with Friends on Phone

Best Games to Play with Friends on Phone Reference

Here are recommendations for online multiplayer games for those who want to try a slightly different gameplay. The game titles below will also provide a distinct sensation of excitement for players.

Among Us

Launching from thegamer-com page, Among Us is a must-play for professional gamers and beginners on Android phones. This game made by Innersloth Studio presents something different from most MOBA games now.

Among Us appears with a game looking for the culprit or impostor, namely the killer who finished off the players. Players must be able to guess who the impostor is based on the movements and evidence they have collected.


One of the best Android games to spend free time with friends is Roblox. This game is often the choice of gamers because it offers a variety of game modes.

In this Roblox game, there are several games that players can create with different gameplay. However, some gamers don’t like this Roblox game concept. Because the visuals and graphics are not very pleasing to the eye and the game is fairly simple.

Mario Kart Tour

Based on recommendations from, the next best games to play with friends on phone is Mario Kart Tour. Mario Kart Tou is a racing game that presents a battle on the racetrack. This game will bring players from all over the world to race together.

Not only that, the courses in this game also come from several major cities in the world. Call it like Singapore, Tokyo, Berlin, Vancouver, or Los Angeles.

Later players can choose several rules available. Such as individual mode or playing with a team and can choose the speed level of the kart the player uses.

Ludo King

Ludo King is an Android game that can be the next reference. This game offers the feature of playing together with up to six people at once.

Inspired by old-school games, the way to play Ludo King is fairly simple. Players simply roll the dice and compete to be the first person to place their pawn in the destination.

Interestingly, this offline Android game facilitates cool and interesting themes so that players don’t get bored. Examples are pinball themes, night themes, nature themes, Egyptian themes, and so on.

If you need a game that allows multiple players, then the choice is Ludo King. However, for beginners, there is nothing wrong with choosing Roblox which has simple graphics and games. Meanwhile, Among Us and Mario Kart Tour will be more suitable for players who want a tougher challenge when playing.

Those are some recommendations for the best games to play with friends on phone Android. Enjoy your time outside with friends or relatives to hone your skills with these games.