Benedetta Mobile Legend Skills, Elapsed Daytime to Alecto: Final Blow

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Benedetta Mobile Legend skills is the 100th Mobile Legend hero who has great skills. This hero, who uses a sword as his main weapon, has earned the nickname the Shadow Ranger.

Benedetta is famous for her agility and nimbleness. It’s not surprising that this hero makes it quite difficult to fight on the battlefield.

Benedetta Mobile Legend Skills, Elapsed Daytime to Alecto Final Blow
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4 Benedetta Mobile Legend Skills

Mobile Legend is a very popular Android game. This game has many fans spread throughout the world.

Moreover, after Benedetta’s appearance, Mobile Legend became increasingly popular. As a hero who has frightening abilities, the following are Benedetta’s Mobile Legend Skills.

1. Elapsed Daytime (Passive)

When holding down the basic attack button, Benedetta enters Sword Out Mode. After that, it will accumulate Sword Intent continuously.

If you release the basic attack button after Sword Intent and then fully charged, Benedetta will perform a Sword Out Slash in the direction in front of her. He will also move forward.

This attack deals Physical Damage which is calculated as Skill Damage. The damage will be reduced against Minions and Creeps, as well as enemies in their path.

Benedetta can only release Sword Out Slash when she is in Sword Out Mode and her Sword Intent is fully charged. Benedetta can also collect Sword Intent when dealing damage through basic attacks and skills.

2. Phantom Slash

Phantom Slash is Benedetta’s main source of damage besides her ultimate. Benedetta will move forward to attack when using this skill.

This forward movement provided an opportunity for the enemy to attack Benedetta from close range. So, make sure you have an escape mechanism when attacking the enemy with Phantom Slash.

3. An Eye for An Eye Benedetta’s 2nd Skill

Benedetta Mobile Legend skills are really interesting. One of them is Eye for An Eye as Benedetta’s second skill.

Benedetta raises her weapon for cover and becomes immune to Crowd Control effects. Apart from that, it can block damage for a certain duration.

After taking cover, Benedetta will stab in the specified direction and deal Physical Damage. If Benedetta manages to survive the CC effect while taking cover, she will gain full Sword Intent and cause a Stun effect on the target.

4. Alecto: Final Blow

Benedetta’s ultimate can be used to enter team fights without taking damage or crowd control. Apart from that, Alecto: Final Blow can also be used to initiate team fights.

Reporting from the discussion forum , Benedetta Mobile Legend skills have fast mobility. Included in the mid game hero group. Has durability or resistance reaching HP 2500 and above. Apart from that, his killing ability is relatively fast.