The Best Android Games in the World that is Popular and Challenging

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The best Android games in the world are certainly one of the games that will be in high demand. As we know, Android is a storehouse of quality games. We can find almost any game on the Android platform, from adventure games to puzzle games.

Through online gaming, we can connect with millions of other gamers around the world. This way, we can compare scores in one-on-one or one-on-one matches.

The Best Android Games in the World

Some of the Best Android Games in the World

Without us realizing it, there are several game titles in the world that you can play through the Android platform. What are some of these game titles? For those of you who don’t know, here are recommendations for the best popular game titles in the world.

Metal Slug: Awakening

The name of this game is familiar, especially to the millennial generation. Previously, this game could be played through PlayStation, Nintendo, and Arcade. This run-and-gun-themed game has 7 main series. Now you can also play it through the Android platform.

This game is the result of a collaboration with Timi Studios. Timi Studio itself is a well-known Android game developer. This series is also the first game from the Metal Slug series that can be played on Android phones. Regarding the gameplay, it turns out that this game title still maintains a side-scrolling mode that allows players to walk forward to the right or left.

Garena Undawn

The next recommendation for the best Android games in the world is Garena Undawn. It is an online game as well as a game with the best Zombie Apocalypse theme for the Android version. This MMORPG game also presents a stunning visual display.

Not only that, but Garena Undawn is also an open world. So that later players can explore as they wish. Players also don’t need to stick to just one place. Because the missions of this Android game are also quite interesting and challenging.

FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile is a popular Android online game. It is the best soccer game on Android with excellent visuals and controls. Players can not only play the role of a team manager but can also play directly.

Through FIFA Mobile, you will also get certain missions. For example, game skills or training players and participating and winning matches.

Mobile Legends

There is another game called Mobile Legends. This game is familiar enough to be a recommendation for the best Android games in the world. Games that offer games where players have to fight as a team of 5 against 5. This way, players can have a strong team with a precise strategy.

PUBG Mobile

The last best Android game in the world recommendation is PUBG Mobile. This is a strategy game that is currently popular. In this game, you will later go on an adventure and must have a strategy to kill other PUBG Mobile players. Players must pick up weapons, blood, and other items found in several locations on the map.