Steps to Play Minecraft Pocket Edition Game Online

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You need to know, that a game developer from Sweden is rumored to have launched the latest version of Minecraft, namely the Minecraft Pocket Edition game. The launch of the game occurred on August 3 2023 with version Moreover, you can also play this game on Android phones, and is now available on the Google Play Store.

For those of you who are fans of the Minecraft game, there is a suggestion to immediately download the latest version, namely Pocket Edition. Because these things can make your adventure more exciting. Boy if you adventure with friends in the game. For this reason, here are several steps to play with multiplayer from the Minecraft game.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Game

Play the Minecraft Pocket Edition Game with Multiplayer

Yes, you can play the Minecraft game together with your friends through a multiplayer feature. The multiplayer feature is a feature in the game where players can interact with each other. The multiplayer mode in the Minecraft game can accommodate up to 5 players. One of the players even has the task of serving as a server.

For those of you who have the Minecraft game on an Android cellphone, you can try playing using the multiplayer feature which you can run both offline and online.

Playing multiplayer games on Minecraft offline is guaranteed to be more exciting. Because you don’t need to think about internet connection problems which often have problems. To play multiplayer on Minecraft Android offline, you only need one other Android smartphone that you don’t use to play as a Wi-Fi intermediary. This feature is also embedded in the Minecraft Pocket Edition game.

How to Play Multiplayer in the Minecraft Android Game Online

You can also join multiplayer games in Minecraft online.

  1. Likewise, you can open the web on your Android cellphone and then access the Minecraft Server.
  2. Then run Minecraft and select the Play option.
  3. Then you will display a list of saved game worlds, or you can also select an existing world or add a new world.
  4. Click the external button and select Add Server.
  5. After that, you can enter server information into the column provided.
  6. You can fill in the columns with server information. Not only that, you can also add one or more servers at once.
  7. You can tap the server you just created to access it. Then the game will connect to the server.
  8. After connecting to the server, your character will be placed in the starting area or welcome area.
  9. Once the world is open, you can play multiplayer directly online

That’s a reliable way to play multiplayer on Minecraft Android both online. Also includes the Minecraft Pocket Edition game. You can even play the game offline.