Fun Offline Android Games for Girls, Let’s Check Below

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The following fun offline Android games for girls are suitable for filling your free time. Don’t worry; this game can be played even if there is no internet connection at all. So make sure you read this discussion until the end and play immediately.

Most women like games that sharpen their brains and are not too ambitious. Therefore, we will share several options to choose from. Just download and play offline without having to run out of internet quota.

Fun Offline Android Games for Girls

Fun Offline Android Games for Girls

This recommendation has been reviewed for women who like playing games. They have proven that this game is proven to provides its excitement. So make sure you try one of them to experience the reviews from the players.

Candy Crush Saga

The first game option that you can try is Candy Crush. We can download it on the Google Play Store for free. This game sharpens the brain because you will be presented with a puzzle containing cute candies.

Later, we can rise to the next level continuously. Make sure that when you play this game, you keep track of the time because it will cause addiction. Curiosity to level up will lead you to continue to have ambitions for the next level.

My Bakery Empire: Bake a Cake

Second, some games that contain cooking games. For those who like cooking, it will be suitable to try this game. A series of games containing sweet foods, cupcakes, donuts, and others can be cooked with excitement.

To be able to level up, we need to cook using the procedures provided in the game rules. Usually, apart from cooking, there will be a challenge for decorating. That’s why you shouldn’t let those of you who like games just miss it.


These fun offline Android games for girls can also be played together. Each person will compete to get to the finish by shaking the dice. Similar to Dragon Snake but with a more challenging format.

There are pawn colors that each player can choose. We can play with a maximum of four people; if we get to the finish line faster, then that’s the winner.

Subway Surfers

Finally, this game, which has been popular since the 2000s, has appeared to be played for fun. The graphics are so high quality that we just have to play on the train and get points on it. So there is no need to hesitate at all to try this game now.

These fun offline Android games for girls are available for free on the Google Play Store. Make sure you try to prove the excitement. You can be sure that you will feel addicted to playing games like this now; please try it immediately. Fill your free time without having to lose your internet quota just to play games.