Interesting Waterpark Theme Android Games Train Imagination

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Waterpark theme Android games are interesting for you to play. Waterpark themed games are currently available for Android devices. This selection of Android games offers quality 3D graphics and easy controls.

Waterparks are synonymous with fun and various exciting outings. Nowadays, you can not only enjoy the excitement in this place directly. However, you can also feel the thrill with the Android waterpark game.

Waterpark Theme Android Games

Interesting and Unique Waterpark Theme Android Games

Waterpark is identical to a playground in the form of water rides. You can enjoy a variety of fun water games. Starting from slides, spilling buckets, wave pools, and so on.

Now you can also experience the fun through your Android device, where you can play games that are similar to waterparks. 

In fact, you can also compete with friends. The recommendations for waterpark games that you can try through an Android smartphone are as follows:

Waterpark: Slide Race

Waterpark is a game made by Inwave Co Ltd. This game was first released in April 2020. This game has a lightweight size of only 72MB.

Therefore, it won’t take up much storage space. You can play sliding games, import songs from files, and use more than 20 characters.

The game has quality 3D graphics and easy controls. This is because you can only use one hand.

Idle Aqua Park

Idle Aqua Park is a game made by Green Panda. This game was first released in July 2019. Some have even downloaded more than 5 million times on the Play Store.

You can not only play water, but also manage and create water rides. The better the quality, the more visitors and the higher the account level.

My Pretend Summer Waterpark

The next waterpark theme Android games is My Pretend Summer Waterpark. This game is made by Beansprites LLC with a size of 54MB.

You can play a variety of water game rides. Starting from the splash pad, surfing, jet skiing, and so on. This game is an offline game, so you can only play alone. is a game made by VOODOO which is quite popular. Now, there are already up to 100 million downloads.

Through this game you can walk around a large water park, play slides, and be free to do many things. Although the size is 85 MB, this game has quite good graphic quality.

Uphill Rush Water Park Racing

Uphill Rush Water Park Racing has been downloaded more than 100 million times. This game has fun gameplay. Because it has a large location and many rides.

The graphics of this game are quite realistic and only 107MB in size. You can also try to complete every mission available.

The waterpark theme Android games can be an interesting choice for you to play. Playing waterpark games will help train your imagination.