Indie Android Games with Unique Plots and Interesting Themes

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Indie Android games are games developed by independent game studios or individuals. Not by big game companies or the game publishing industry. So this game does not receive funding from large entities. It is usually the work of a small team or even a single developer. Indie games often stand out for their creativity, innovation, and different approaches to game development.

Indie Android Games with Unique Plots and Interesting Themes

Recommended Indie Android Games with Various Interesting Genres

The world of mobile gaming is growing, one interesting trend is high-quality indie games on the Android platform. These games often offer fresh and creative experiences. Then, the gameplay tends to be different and you can’t find it in big games. Below are recommendations for several indie games on the Green Robot platform that you should try.

Sky: Children of the Light

This is a popular indie game that is interesting for you to play. This RPG game is the result of development from thatgamecompany inc.

You will explore the beautiful world of the sky. Then visit seven different realms filled with spirits and their stories. Your job is to help the star spirits return to their home with goodness and light in your heart.

Alto’s Odyssey

One of the indie Android games that takes you on a tense adventure across the endless desert. The goal is to uncover the hidden secrets of the desert.

This action game is the work of Noodlecake Studios Inc., an indie studio. You’ll fly over wind-swept sand mountains, exploring stunning canyons. Then explore temple cities that have long been hidden in a fantasy world far from civilization.

Cats in Time

This puzzle game is a product of Pine Studio. Features impressive and beautiful 3D graphics. In this indie game, your job is to travel through time to find lost cats. They are the pets of Professor Tim Edger. This journey takes you to various periods.

Starting from ancient Egypt, across New York in the late 20th century, the present, and even into future Tokyo. Then your task is to rescue more than 200 cats hiding in very unusual locations. Then, to achieve this goal, you will be faced with various interesting puzzles and puzzles.

Ronin: The Last Samurai

This is an action game that brings you together in a fierce battle between samurai. This game is the work of Dreamotion Inc.

You have the opportunity to engage in player-versus-player battles in PvP mode. In this mode, the battle lasts until one party reaches a critical point. Then during the game, you can collect and upgrade various interesting equipment.

These are some recommendations for interesting Indie Android games for you to play. Each game displays extraordinary uniqueness and presents different gameplay. So don’t hesitate to download and explore the world they offer on your Android device.